Life’s Most Beautiful Moments without Pictures

Every moment I spent with Yoosuf, are happy moments with lots of fun.

Recently I went to show him the Male’ – Hulhumale Bridge works. He was so happy and asked few questions. It was so fun. He was happily running around here and there.

Another evening we went for a ride and when he saw Raaveribe Maizaan, he wanted to enjoy there. Oh! What a pleasure watching him, having a blast.

On another evening we went for a walk and when he saw children kiting, he wanted to kite. I bought one and we had a very enjoyable time.

After all those fun moments, I realized that, if someone had captured those moments, those three evenings on a video camera, it would be like a short movie, with lots and lots of fun and love in it.

But those moments have not been captured on a camera, other than a few still shots of Yoosuf on the first evening. So I don’t have photo memories of those moments to share on social media.

But the stark truth is that those moments, were beautiful moments, which will always be in my memory, but not in social media.

When I thought about this mindfully, I have realized that not all of life’s beautiful moments are captured on camera.

Doesn’t that mean that we can enjoy life, beautifully with full of love, even if we do not capture on camera, every single thing we do and share it with the world?

What do you think?

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